Sources & Resources

Over the course of the semester we will be relying on a wide variety of online resources and materials to analyze Digital Humanities approaches as well as to undertake our own research about James Merrill Linn, 19th Century Lewisburg, and the American Civil War. As we discover materials that can be of assistance to us and to the rest of the class, we will add them here (following MLA citation guidelines as documented on the Bucknell Library website.)

Assigned Readings:

Bonner, Robert E. “Introduction.” The Soldier’s Pen: Firsthand Impressions of the Civil War. Hill and Wang. New York, NY. 2006. 4-14.

Drucker, Johanna. Graphesis: “Interpreting Visualization::Visualizing Interpretation.” Visual Forms of Knowledge Production. Harvard UP, Cambridge, MA. 2014. 56-137.

Whitley, Edward. “Visualizing the Archive.” The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age. Amy E. Earhart and Andrew Jewell, eds. U Michigan Press. Ann Arbor, MI.2011. 185-205.