1. Rachel, I really liked the organization of your blog. You began talking about Timemapper and timelines very broadly and by the end you were analyzing Timemapper and its relevance specifically to James Merrill Linn. Funny enough, I also talked about the Fall of Fort Sumter and the secession of the states in my blog. I discussed how they provided a nice background of what was going on around Linn since his diary entries did not inform us of these important historical events. I like how you connected these events to Linn’s writings and how these events contributed to the challenges he faced. I also thought it was interesting how you analyzed that not all events are connected to each other in any other way besides happening within the same period of time. Nice job!

  2. Sarah Rosecky says:

    I agree with Rachel’s dissection of Grafton’s use of the term non-linear. I also focused on Priestly’s Chart of Biography to convey the message that time is non-linear. Another point that Rachel made was that TimeMapper is useful in the fact that it puts the events in order, but that it needs to be fine-tuned a little bit more. This is something I also noticed while using TimeMapper.