Week Three Assignments, Readings, Exercises

Monday 9/15

  • Share out transcriptions – group help session
  • Transcriptions due via email (11pm)
  • Reflections due via website (11pm)

Tuesday 9/18

Full diary (rough) transcription file distributed to class (via email)

Wednesday 9/17

  • Reading: Whitley article
  • Lecture: Distant reading introduction (including Whitley)
  • Lab: Distant reading analytical/visualization tools
    • begin to form questions about diary text for distant reading blog post

Friday 9/19

  • Reading: Diary
  • Meeting with Nancy Frazier, research librarian

Week Two Class Readings, Exercises, and Assignments

Monday: 9/8

  • Reading:
    • Read one another’s blog posts
    • Finish reading Linn’s letter to his mother and report back on legibility and general sense of subject matter
  • Introduction of Transcription assignment
  • Lab: Transcription assignment, part 1

Wednesday: 9/10

  • Reading: Civil War, episode 2
  • Lab: Transcription assignment, part 2

Friday: 9/12

  • Meeting with Isabella O’Neill, Head of Bucknell Special Collections/University Archives